Dr.med. Ainars Stepens


Those who want to recover have already partly recovered.

Doctor of Medicine Ainārs Stepens is a high-class neurologist, whose knowledge and skills are highly appreciated by Latvian and foreign patients, and whose engaging lectures are highly valued by healthcare givers and students.

Dr. Stepens graduated from Riga Stradins University (RSU) where he obtained a diploma in neurology. After graduation he improved his skills in innumerable courses and workshops both in Latvia and abroad. During his medical career Dr. Stepens worked as neurologist in Gailezers Hospital, as consultant in HIV/AIDS centre of Infectology Centre of Latvia, and the work of Stroke Unit Team created under his guidance in Riga Hospital No.1 stood out due to high standards of patients care and uncompromising struggle for life and health of every patient. Now Dr. Stepens is a consultant neurologist in Wound Clinic and Medical Procurement Centre of National Armed Forces, and principal investigator in Rehabilitation Research Laboratory of RSU.

In clinical medicine Dr. Stepens` priority is differential diagnostics of various neurological diseases, as well as diagnostics and treatment of headache, backache and neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer`s disease, Parkinson disease).

Dr. Stepens`s visit  rarely lasts less than an hour, his work is characterised by advanced study of each patient`s issue, sound examination and detailed explanation of his opinion to patients and their relatives. His recommendations usually contain minimum amount of prescribed medicines, as he prefers rehabilitation technologies and disease prevention.

On a global scale Dr. Stepens is well known due to his scientific activities.  Under his guidance scientists from RSU and Oxford University described a new movement disorder syndrome in drug addicts. The results of this research were published in the leading medical revues of this field The New England Journal of Medicine and Brain, which is a dramatic proof of Dr. Stepens`s individual qualities and a clear evidence of high potential of Latvian doctors. 

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