Dr. Kaspars Ūdris


Trauma surgeon-orthopaedist, minimally invasive endoscopic joint surgery specialist.


   Trauma surgeon-orthopaedist, minimally invasive endoscopic joint surgery specialist Dr. Ūdris graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Latvia, and got postgraduate education in traumatology and orthopaedics.  He learnt joint arthroscopy in Lithuania, in the clinic of University of Klaipeda, learning from Dr.V.Jermolājevs, from 2008 he has deepened his knowledge in the leading European clinics: in 2010 in Italy, Catollica, learning from globally renown Dr. J. Porcellini and Dr. Campi; in 2009 in Spain, Barcelona, learning from Dr. Mihaela Chidean; in 2009 in Poland, Krakow, in Scanmed learning from Dr. Stanislaw Szymanik; in 2010 in England, Uxbridge, learning from Prof. Ofer Levy.

   He was the first specialist in Latvia who has performed arthroscopic shoulder joint nerve release surgery and arthroscopic shoulder stabilising surgery Laterjet Bristow. He performs more than 300 arthroscopic surgeries of shoulder, knee and other joints per year in different Latvian regional hospital. He particularly specialises in shoulder joint treatment. He uses cutting edge techniques and modern equipment in treatment.

   Dr. Ūdris is a member of Latvian Association of Traumatologists and Orthopaedists (LTOA), Latvian Association of Knee Joint Surgery, Arthroscopy and Sports Orthopaedics (LCASA), and
   Latvian Medical Association.

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